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THAT was close!

08 Sep

Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a doubt in your mind that Nicaragua is a anything but a wild menagerie of earthquakes and lava that mother earth scrubs clean with devastating hurricanes every few years, let me tell you about that explosion I heard two nights ago. It was 11pm. I was finishing up the […]

Nicaragua’s Grand Canal: The Proposed Route

09 Jul

This is Route 4 as proposed by the HKND group, the Chinese consortium headed by Wang Jing that is behind the grand canal venture. According to them this route takes into account the least amount of environmental and socio-cultural damage.   Here is my take on it. The first thing that was said about the canal route decision-making […]

Miss Nicaragua’s national costume

23 Mar
outfit for Nicarauga's Miss Universe

Elected by popular vote, may I present to you the cultural outfit that will be worn by the Nicaraguan candidate for the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant! If you are wondering why the severely Catholic population of Nicaragua thought Beelzebub’s girlfriend’s prom dress should be the one chosen to represent the country’s national costume then you […]

Nicaragua tourist police: Dial 101

19 Mar

It’s only been in operation for about eight months, but in that time the direct line to the tourist police has been gaining usage (a good thing or bad?). The 101 tourist police line is attended 24/7/365 by both spanish and english speaking officers. According to the jefa of the tourist police force, Jeannette Largaespada, there have been […]

The great interoceanic canal

12 Mar

This was just posted over on the RightSide Guide… check it out. Hey, did you hear they want to build a canal through Nicaragua? Yeah, I just overheard someone talking about that…about 300 years ago. Yes, people have been talking about digging a trench across the country for that long. Usually it wasn’t Nicaraguans talking […]

Give your Nica-born baby the gift of USA

28 Feb

Recently an American friend of mine registered his newly Nicaraguan-born son with the US embassy in Managua. If you are looking for how to register your baby abroad information then here it is, hot off the press. Big thanks to my mate Chris for this. Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) Managua, Nicaragua The process is fairly […]

Managua taxis: a how to guide

16 Feb

Everybody need to get around but nobody wants to be taken for a ride. Here are some tips for taking taxis in Nicaraga’s craziest city by far…Managua. 1. Safety This is everyone’s biggest concern so I will tackle it first. The majority of Managua taxis are safe. That being said, if today 100 visitors blindly […]

Bug museum, Leon

29 Jan

“There are not many showy insects in Belgium. Maybe 6 or 7. In Nicaragua there are hundreds of nice, big, colorful insects.” It is no wonder why Belgium native Jean-Michel Maes, the founder of the Entomological Museum of Leon, wood bee interested in visiting Nicaragua. His initial stay was a two-year contract that started in […]

50% renewables mark passed!

27 Jan
solar pa

Great news for Nicaragua…we have officially become one of the countries that attains more than half of its energy from renewable sources! Keep your dirty oil St. Venezuela, Nica ♥s hydro! (um…actually, disregard that comment, mr. venezuela. sir. please continue sending oil at subsidized rates. thank you kind sirs) This article is from one of our […]

Leon’s Museum of Legends and Traditions

26 Nov

For a hilariously frightful (or frightfully hilarious) break from volcano boarding and surf lessons, check out Leon’s infamous Museo de Leyendas y Tradiciones. Cost: $2 Time needed: one hour Ideal for: Anyone who isn’t squeamish about badly done mannequins or goofy sound effects The building itself has been restored and the entrance is very colorful and […]