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History of the Corn Islands

09 Jun

Nicaragua’s Corn Islands are much more than a beautiful paradise. The Caribbean islands have a colorful and varied history dating back to Nicaragua’s pirate days. Kukras According to the 400-year-old tome The Buccaneers of America by the Dutch pirate Alexander Olivier Esquemeling, the author claims to be one of the first to “discover” the Corn […]

Rainy season in Managua

04 Jun

After six long months of hot, dry, dusty weather we have finally hit the “winter” month of June. The weather has turned on a dime to cool, wet and muddy. But hey, I’ll take it. Usually. Two days ago we had a flash flood in Managua. This is not unusual for rainy season. About 8″ […]

How to Negotiate in a Nicaraguan Market (and avoid the gringo discount)

01 Feb
Market in Nicaragua

The gringo discount. For those of you who have yet to visit a market frequented by tourists in Nicaragua, you probably haven’t been offered the gringo discount. You know when have when a merchant at the market tells you that Toña t-shirt costs $20. “Gee…I dunno,” you think to yourself. “That sounds kind of high. […]

Support Nica authors: International Gueguense Books

13 Jan

International Gueguense Books was started in 2010 as an initiative to share our local culture in the global village. It is an initiative by Nicaraguan Rolando E. Tellez, author of over a dozen books. Rolando has been a professor, translator-interpreter, columnist for El Nuevo Diario Newspaper, Motmot Magazine, Nicaragua community, among others. He received his Master`s […]

The Nicaragua Touristical Map

11 Dec
Old tourist map of Nicaragua

I bet you didn’t even know “Touristical” is a word. Well it isn’t. But it was! And in 1959 that was what was said to describe touristy, tourocity and tourastic things. Like this touristical map, cerca January 1959. I do apologize for the poor resolution; this is as big as I could get it. All […]

Top five beach villages for surfing, fishing and relaxing, and only an hour from Managua

07 Oct

This comes courtesy of our friends at El Porton Verde, real connoisseurs of Pacific beaches in Nicaragua. Any of these five would make a fine vacation spot and some are great for surfing and for fishing! Since the capital city is not located directly on the Pacific coast, visitors sometimes overlook the fact that located […]

Hitchhiking in Nicaragua

28 Sep
Hitchhiking jesus

Easily 90% of Nicaragua can be gotten around by plane, boat, panga, bus, colectivo, taxi, caponera, bicitaxi or horsecart, but sometimes there is none of the above. That’s when you have to stand out in the elements and hope for the best. That means hitchhiking. Hitchhiking in Nicaragua isn’t as dangerous and one might think. […]