About NCX

NicaConexiones is a travel network that brings together tourists to Nicaragua and the local businesses that cater to them.

Our tourists and businesses save money through travel deals , plan their trips with updated travel information and support the growth of sustainable tourism.


We are a small operation consisting of myself, Casey, my wife, Marcela, our friends and our desire to see Nicaragua tourism develop in a way that can be beneficial to everyone, forever. Is that asking too much?

That's me with the hat.

That’s me with the hat.

I came to Nicaragua from Texas in 2008 with a plan to work with a sustainable development NGO for six months. I have been gone a pretty good while but don’t have plans to go back.

In that time I grew to understand how local populations live and work, act and react, grow and decline. I learned that many of the root causes of community pressures is unsustainable development (overfishing, logging, selling of artifacts, family members looking for work overseas, etc). In my time living here I came to realize that tourism is a bandage that can help cure many of these ills. It is simple in theory, but requires people to conserve and develop what they have, their cultures, environments and economic well-being, so that they can reap the benefits of visitors coming to experience it. It isn’t easy but is a proven concept in many other countries and, slowly but surely, it is working here as well.

Marcela in hats n glasses

That’s her with the hats.

Marcela is Managua born and raised, has been working with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Culture since 2004 and knows more about this country than I can ever hope to learn. Did you know that there are 206 national museums in Nicaragua? She has been to them all. Her work has taken her to Spain to reclaim national treasures taken during the Somoza era, to Mexico and Guatemala and now she leads reconstruction projects on historic buildings around the country. We both love traveling and we both love showing off this amazing place.

Our friends are many! A few notable people who have been of great help along the way have been Cesar Patterson from Bluefields who continues to give excellent advice. Claudia Guevara from Granada who has helped us with much of the footwork to get NCX off the ground. Nestor Hasbani has helped with much of the promotional material. Mike Quinn from El Porton Verde has been of great assistance with his suggestions. Y hay mucho, mucho mas!

Want to get involved? Explore our blog posts. Like us on facebook. Subscribe to our newsletter. Buy the NCX card. Submit useful, fun or interesting content. Support businesses that support NicaConexiones. Or, contact the development organizations we support and help them help Nicaragua. Support local business. Visit Nicaragua’s museums. Visit the hard-to-reach Nicaragua that doesn’t see much tourism, the Caribbean coast for example. Or Bosawas. Or the interior. Take local transportation. Eat from small comedores. And, perhaps most importantly, talk to Nicaraguans. Get their story, ask about the war, ask about their families, ask about the food, the weather, the whatever. Sustainable tourism is an exchange of ideas and cultures just as much as it is saving the environment and supporting local economies.

So that’s what NicaConexiones is about. Bringing together travelers and local businesses. 

I am stepping off the soapbox. Let me know if you have any comments or questions; I am always happy to chat with people who have read this far!


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