Atlantic Tour

Atlantic Tour, a Nicaragua to Discover

The Hidden Pearl of the Caribbean package is the best way to get the feeling of the “real” Caribbean coast, and is perfect for the more adventurous travelers who would like to see more than just the Corn Islands.

 group tours to the pearl cays dancing to the punta beat in Orinoco


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


  • Transfer from the airport
  • All aquatic transport
  • Breakfasts
  • Tour guide

This great deal is only $350/person (double occupancy) and $325/person for groups of three or more. Book using your NCX card and save 10% on your trip!

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About Atlantic Tour

The Caribbean coast’s first and only travel agency has been operating since 2009 to show people what the coast has to offer. We highlight not just the beautiful beaches and clear Caribbean sea, but also the local cultures, creole food, jungle wildlife and everything else that this special place has to offer. We tell our clients to visit the Pacific side first, then come here to find a whole new Nicaragua to discover!

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Other packages include:

Pearl Cays Escape

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Corn Island Exhibition

And more!

For more information about this fascinating part of the country, check out the Survival Guide to the Caribbean coast, RightSide Guide!