Mapping Nicaragua Deforestation

This caught my eye today. I found a link to research done by the University of Maryland’s Department of Geological Sciences. They took data from Google Earth and worked out the world’s loss of forested areas from 2000 – 2012. Amazing.

I took 24 screen shots of Nicaragua and put together this little snippit of the country and her forest loss. As you can see, most of the tree cutting has been going on in the wilds of the autonomous regions of the north and south.  The big green space in the middle north is the Bosawas reserve. The big green chunk in the southern tip is the Indio-Maiz reserve. And of course all the red is where trees once stood.

There is some good news in this…if you click on the image you can zoom in and see blue spots. That’s where the forest grew in those twelve years. The pink is where it was both cut and regrown.

Click on the image for higher resolution.


Nicaragua deforestation 2000 - 2012