NCX getting ready to kick off!

We are rolling up our sleeves, sharpening our coding skills and polishing our images to get ready to kick off the NicaConexiones website! It will be an evolution of sorts, and has been already, from what started out as a big idea to what will soon be a big force driving sustainable tourism in Nicaragua.

This month and next will be spent organizing and filling the website with quality, triple-checked information, photos, videos and other travel resources. That’s the fun part. Then we will be going out and talking to business owners to let them know how we can help them help the travelers they serve. That’s also the fun part. Lastly we will start building our support among the travelers and locals, people who we can really serve and want to see us succeed. That might be the most fun of all.

So here’s to all those looking for a few deals when coming to visit this beautiful country, and also to those who would love to see tourism in Nicaragua grow in a sustainable way. That’s who and what we are here for.