NCX Guide to Festivals and Events in Nicaragua

Afraid of getting stuck on the “Gringo Trail”?

You can experience the best of the real Nicaragua if you know when and where to look. The NCX Guide to Festivals and Events is exactly that…your guide to discovering what the other guidebooks leave out.

The guidebook is filled with 200+ pages of festivals plus a list of resources to find out about other fun things going on around the country.  There is no other guidebook that lists nearly as many festivals nor goes into the detail that the NCX Guide gives you.

the Toro Huaco dancers

Written by a resident Nicaragua travel writer

Casey Callais has been living and traveling the country since 2008. He spent much of that time in Bluefields working with an NGO and publishing a guide to the Caribbean coast. He has also contributed to the Lonely Planet, Moon and Footprint travel guidebooks. Casey currently lives full time in Managua with his wife, kids and camera.

A few highlights:

There is one where they dress up their dogs in funny little costumes to be blessed by the priest at the cathedral. Then there is the one where the beat of African drums, chanting and dancing goes on until the daylight hours. Then there is the one where eight-foot tall women dance with their short, big-headed suitors singing satirical rhymes about the audience. And of course, the one where the devils descend upon the city is not to be missed. Nicaragua is so rich in festivals that you can always find something fascinating going on if you know where to look. Most travelers, however, miss what could be the highlight of their Nicaraguan adventure since even the best travel guides go into little detail about the festivals and events.

In this country the festivals are the pulse of the culture and the people. You haven’t seen Nicaragua until you have experienced the parades, the fireworks, the food and the alegría that surrounds these events. Don’t plan a trip without including a few days to see the local festivities. And who knows, maybe you will see me there!

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DISCLAIMER: This guide is the result of a whole lot of investigation and years of experience living in Nicaragua. I have done everything in my power to provide accurate information but remember that this is a guide to events that have yet to happen in an undeveloped country. Best case scenario: the event starts late. Worst case scenario: it doesn’t happen at all. Please be aware that this is a real possibility and my advice is to take advantage of it by enjoying the other activities around.

A word about the rating system – It is completely my own personal opinion. I love Los Aguizotes but I can understand if someone would get a little freaked out by thousands of devils roaming the streets. And I have not been to every festival/event that is covered (yet). Those ratings are based on my investigations and how interested I am in going to see them. If anyone can suggest a better way of doing it, I encourage constructive criticism!

To those that can say their experience in Nicaragua was made better, please let me know. Thanks for reading!