This is a list of resources that I use when needed. This is my personal list…if you would like your website or product to be included you will have to convince me to use it on a regular basis, so much so that I can stand behind it. Thanks!




Volunteer in renewable energy or water sanitation

volunteer nicaragua


Volunteer opportunities


Nicaragua Surf Report

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Volunteer service trips building schools


Don’t visit Nicaragua without experiencing the tradition of the festivals. This guide details the events going on all year long. A must read for travelers.


A bilingual history of the country written by the Nicaraguan author Rolando Ernesto Tellez. A few of his other books include Nicaraguan Slang, Dario’s Popular Poems and The Gueguense: The First Character in Nicarguan Literature.

In this first English-language book of Nicaraguan cooking, Trudy Espinoza-Abrams has dug deep into her childhood in Granada, Nicaragua and sifted through the countless hours spent in her grandmother’s kitchen to create a truly masterful collection of tastes and textures that delight the palate and bring back memories of the old days.

Quirky, funny, adventurous and surprising, this little tome takes a peek at the author’s five years living on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Great for anyone visiting the “right” side.

The author, a reporter from England, tells of his journey down the Caribbean coastline of Central America. He traveled the route from Belize to Panama mainly by boat and foot, staying with the people of the small villages along the way.

Anyone looking for a quick read that will help teach you Spanish (or English) will love this book. It’s a dual-language mystery written and illustrated by my 8-year old son and translated by me. Check it out in paperback and Kindle!


 If you are considering moving to Central America, this guide will help you make the right decision. All the questions you may have are answered here and the purchase price includes a 30-minute consultation by phone with the author!

The best explanation of not just the revolution and contra war, but also Nicaragua in general. Perfect for anyone interested in the fascinating history of the country.

Residency guide cover plus edition

This is a must have for anyone who has already decided to move to Nicaragua. The residency process is long and complicated but this guide takes the sting out of it. You CAN do it yourself and for hundreds of $$ less than hiring a lawyer!

The newest and most up-to-date Nicaragua guidebook on the market. I know because I assisted with part of it.

An electrifying memoir from the acclaimed Nicaraguan writer (“A wonderfully free and original talent”—Harold Pinter) and central figure in the Sandinista Revolution.


residency in Nicaragua

Our very own guide and the BEST guide, continuously updated

Very clear-cut site that explains and shows what’s needed.

The Nicaraguan immigration site (en español)


How to apply for residency forum

The Nica Sagas guide to becoming a resident

A good summary of residency requirements from someone who has been through the process


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Coming from or going to Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon, Corn Island or anywhere else on the coast of the RAAS? This is the best place to get transport info.


All the buses conveniently located in one place. Also covers pretty much all of Central America and the Caribbean.


A metro bus map of Managua. Very useful for anyone living in the capital city.


Mike’s blog serves as a great news aggregator bringing to light things that even I often miss in the headlines. Plus he has the best hotel in town.

This gem is actually one of the most fascinating and least-known expat sites out there. Pat Werner has been collecting and publishing decades worth of studies, documents, photos and musings and more on his site. One such gem is the original account of pirate Henry Morgan’s sacking of Granada in 1665.


I know, it’s trip advisor. But love them or hate them, they have the best travel forum out there, even beating out lonely planet in my opinion.


For retirees in Nicaragua it is almost required to visit this site at least to sign up for the Nicaragua Nuggets newsletter. It’s very informative.


One of the best resources for people moving overseas since 1997.

living in leon, nicaraguaLiving in Leon

A blog written by an expat living in Leon. It’s full of great info on not just Leon but also moving to Nicaragua in general.

manfut nicaragua

(IN SPANISH) Probably the most informative “About Nicaragua” website on the web. Made by Mr. Manfut who appears to have learned HTML in  1994 and never  bothered to take a refresher course. AWESOME site.


Travel Insurance. World Nomads is the best value out there. If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

rewired and retired on Ometepe

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

One retiree’s very popular blog about living on Ometepe Island, the only double volcano island in a lake full of sharks in the world.

Everything Else

Forget that organic, shade-grown junk they export to Gringolandia from the cool mountains of Matagalpa. Drink coffee like a Nica. It’s Presto, baby.

The best hammocks in the world are made in Nicaragua. And the best Nicaraguan hammocks are found right here.

Nica travel needs to be light and fast. Make it comfortable and organized as well with the updated travel pack I have been using for years. It’s carry-on sized, packs from the top or laying down, non-descript and a good price.

Sketchers quality and style is second to none. Take these shoes to the club in the evening and boarding down Cerro Negro the next day. I only wear Sketchers and buy them once every 2-3 years. What a deal!