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Cascada Blanca Hotel in Matagalpa   Cascada Blanca falls

“Hola, bienvenido’ is the spirited greeting you’ll likely hear upon arriving in the lively yet laid-back site of the Eco-Lodge Cascada Blanca. An ecological wonderland made up of waterfalls filled with lush rain forests, shimmering pools down river, hiking trails, towering mountains and much more; it’s no surprise that so many visitors flock to El Salto de Santa Emilia, as the locals call it. Since 2009, Eco-Lodge Cascada Blanca has welcomed more than 20,000 visitors, and we are sure your visit will be unforgettable. It is no wonder why people from all over the world make a point to see this energy-filled and nature-created site as a desirable tourist attraction. Located 16 Km (10 miles) from the city of Matagalpa on paved road and 5 minutes walk from the road to the bottom of the waterfall, Eco-Lodge Cascada Blanca offers traditional and vegetarian food and overnight accommodations, including camping in the cave overlooking the waterfall and swimming holes.

While the origin of the waterfall is unclear, everything points to a meteor whose final destination made the hole of the waterfall. Looking at the perfectly chiseled facade of rock, one can see that the rest is work of the water. Most local people grew up swimming here, and over generations it has become a site of healing and fun particularly during the week of Easter. People walk down from the mountains and all over the country both to refresh in its waters and to fill their spirits with energy.

But who wouldn’t love the land here? Sculpted boulders, winding roads and rivers, craggy canyons, cascading waterfalls, and much more. But Cascada Blanca isn’t the only wonder in this area; El Salto Escondido and Penas Blancas are other nearby waterfalls that are equally breathtaking. There is no place on earth like these waterfalls, and whether you seek adventure, romance or relaxation, the waterfall has it all. Trips around the undulating mountain abound, as well as the quaint towns with various types of accommodations such as Cerro Verde, el Hotel de Montana, San Martin, etc. Tour operators are ready to take you exploring on hiking trips, canopy tours, horseback riding, bird watching, and much more.

In the city of Matagalpa, you can explore the past and present as it unfolds before your eyes. El Museo del Cafe, El Calvario, Cerro Apante, the Cathedral, the Cemetery, and many other sites will enrich your understanding of the character of the city. Depending on the time of the year, you can enjoy one of the numerous city festivals: Easter Season, The City’s Anniversary, Las Fiestas Hipico, El Baile del Huipil, La Feria de Café – the list goes on and on. Each one presents the best of the beauty and culture of the Matagalpan people.

Fresh fish, meats, and exotic fruits, such as mango, avocado, pineapple, papaya, and pitaya (which is considered the “miracle fruit”) are readily available as you walk down the streets or the local markets.

There are many first class coffee shops and eateries, from fried fish to “el Metro:” a meter of tender juicy meat enough to feed 6 people. When the sun goes down, indulge in nightlife with the best rums of the world such as Flor the Cana, and a variety of beers. Allow yourself to visit one the many bars, such as Artesanos, Woods, or La Terraza, each with its own blend of drinks, food, and music.

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