Sham Poo and other ridiculous things in Nicaragua

I love the English language because everybody wants to read it, speak it and write it.

Obviously some do a better job than others.

Here are a few instances of terrible English I have seen that remind me that I my Spanish is actually not that bad.


Sham Poo!!

Yes, this store accepts imitations! With…a broken egg on the label? Buy your own bottle from the arab ladies selling cosmetics beside the La Colonia supermarket at Multicentro Las Americas in Managua.




Gooddess perfume

You would have to have a walleet deepper than a gooddess to affoord the C$625 price tag. Buy it in a libreria (can’t remember the name) in Tipitapa.




Choki cookies

MmmmMMM! Nothing tastes better than a cookie. And Chokis are the only cookie I would die for! Except for Mini Chokis, for which I would die a little bit.

For you English readers, it’s pronounced, “Chokeys”, and would be like selling a chainsaw called “Choplegger”.


ISIS hardware store