We know you are a great (circle one: writer/traveler/photographer/videographer/artist/musician/person) with a story that you have that incredible urge to tell (circle one: your friends/your family/yourself/fellow travelers/the world), so why not let say it through NicaConexiones? Your story will be seen by thousands of (circle one: women/men/travelers/English speakers/Hispanophones/internet cat video watchers/expats/backpackers/missionaries/families) who are interested in your experiences and what you have to say!

Win big writing for NCX!

2nd place Pulitzer is still a Pulitzer.

Our site publishes content on Nicaraguan travel, budgeting and sustainable tourism, and we want to hear from you! NicaConexiones accepts submissions for articles, photos, video and whatever else you might be willing to share. If it is good, we will publish it complete with an author profile and a link to you or your website. If it is great, we might even be convinced to pay you for it!


We have a few rules that we follow to keep our content consistent. If you would like to see your stuff published, it will have to play nice!

– The content has to be original from you or who you represent.

– If your content is accepted, it will become the property of NicaConexiones to be used as we choose.

– The content can’t be floating around somewhere else on the web. Its home will be exclusively. This will not apply to reposts we may choose to share from other sites.

– You will be asked to submit a short biography that briefly explains who you are and why you are an authority on what you have submitted. Go ahead and include a photo of whatever you would like to represent you in the bio as well.

– All articles must include at least one photo.

– Any article whose subject is a location or event must include information on how to get there and how much to budget (we are here to help our fellow travelers live your experiences, after all).


Help us tell our audience about what travel wisdom you have learned while passing through Nicaragua. Budgeting your trip, organizing your transport, wheeling and dealing at the market, exchanging money, safety issues, that delicious plate of bull testicles you ate by mistake in Leon, these are just a few ideas of what we like to tell our audience.

What about those incredible surf photos you took? Submit! Or that video you made of people eating gravel volcano boarding? Submit! That series on street vendors? Submit! Those collection of medical journal worthy shots you took when you had diarrhea for five days? … Well, there are other sites that would be more appreciative of that, thanks.


If you have any questions or would like to talk about a submission, just send us an email and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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