Support Nica authors: International Gueguense Books

International Gueguense Books was started in 2010 as an initiative to share our local culture in the global village. It is an initiative by Nicaraguan Rolando E. Tellez, author of over a dozen books.

Rolando has been a professor, translator-interpreter, columnist for El Nuevo Diario Newspaper, Motmot Magazine, Nicaragua community, among others. He received his Master`s Degree from Southern Illinois University and decided to return to his homeland to do its bit for development.Rolando’s goal is to let foreigners have a taste of local culture through English and bilingual publications.

Nicaguan Spanish

Although he has written some technical books, most of his publications are related to history and culture. A few of his more popular works include Nicaraguan Slang Bilingual DictionaryHistory of Nicaragua, The Gueguense: First Character in Nicaraguan Literature , Dario´s Popular Poems (translation of the most famous Nicaraguan poet´s poems), Great Hero: A.C. Sandino, Nicaraguan Constitution, Artículos de un Fulbright (for intermediate or advanced students of Spanish).


Other publications include Inglés Básico, English for Lawyers, Bilingual Legal Dictionary, Nicaragua Canal Law, etc. Check this link Currently, he is engaged in writing other books.

Promoting Local Culture

Spread the word and help by getting his books at the International Airport, Anamá bookstore, Librería Hispamer, Nemusa, Literato bookstores at

Metrocentro mall in Managua, Librería Rigoberto Lopez Pérez del Centro Comercial Managua. You can find Nicaraguan or Gueguense books in Granada: Convento San Francisco, Lucha Libro, Leo Tours, Café Taza Blanca; in León: Librería UNAN-LEON, Casa de la Cultura, in Estelí main bookstore.

Rolando Tellez. Writer & Translator  (505) 2289-4596  •  8867-4128