Computers stolen, legs broken. Happy mother’s day in Nicaragua.

Three days before mother’s day my mother fell and rolled her foot. The doc at Hospital Central in Managua showed us on the x-ray where the fracture is: the bottom of the fibula where it meets the ankle. 15 days of rest and she has to wear an ankle brace.

foot broken in nicaragua

Jeezus get some ice or something, mom! Wait, let me get it.

The next day our community leader in one of our Tipitapa sites tried to speed past some suspected motorcycle thieves and ends up dropping his bike on his leg. The gang circled around him, said, “Hey, it’s Juan Nicundano!” and helped get him to the hospital and his motorcycle safe to his house. He suffered a tib/fib fracture and is laid up at home with a cast on his leg for the next who knows how long.

computers stolen in nicaragua

Empty computer table. DOH!

The Monday after mother’s day we get a call from the woman in charge of our learning resource center we built in another community. She entered the building to find all ten of the donated computers missing. After-school computer classes were cancelled and the police were called. The evidence points to a kid who climbed the wall and slipped in through the space between the wall and ceiling, then handed each computer and monitor through that same space to people waiting on the outside. Police suspect it was people from the same community.

Even if we don’t know who did it, we sure know who it wasn’t. Thankfully my mother and Juan Nicundano have not been implicated as suspects.