The scariest event you can’t miss: Los Aguizotes

First stop: the museum of myths and legends in Leon. That’s where you will be introduced to many of the characters you will see haunting Masaya during the Los Aguizotes festival on the 31st of October.

los aguizotes pajaro

Artists representation of the Nicaraguan Guis

The name Los Aguizotes comes from the name of the bird that local traditions claim is the harbinger of death. In western tradition that is the raven. In Nicaragua it is the terribly frightful Güis bird. Nevermore.

Los Aguizotes is the festival where death comes disguised as a variety of characters from traditional myths and legends. Characters such as the La Llorona (the crier), El Padre Sin Cabeza (the priest without a head) and Toma Tu Teta (take your titty) all roam the streets of Masaya along with various demons, devils and a few 6′ tall transvestites (really scary).

The festival starts as the sun goes down and dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of goblins, ogres and specters meet up in the park. About 9pm they start marching through the streets with mariachis and other bands. Music and devils, a can’t miss party.

This is only one of the many many many festivals in Nicaragua and one of many during the three-month San Jeronimo celebration. I detail all of them in my book, NCX Guide to Festivals and Events in Nicaragua.

If anyone would like to go, feel free to contact my wife and me through our tour company, Mana-Ahuac Hoy. We specialize in fiestas patronales and for sure aren’t missing this one!

The following day is a Torovenado and El Candil in Ticuantepe, two other not-to-miss events.

Here are a few photos swiped from the internet that should give you an idea of what to expect.

los aguizotes 1

los aguizotes 2

los aguizotes 3