Town Crier: Baby tigers, Russian projects and Secrets of Love??

The Town Crier is a weekly summary of Nicaraguan news stories that can be found online. My contribution is NOT journalism, as can be discerned from the conversational tone and dry humor of my English paraphrasing of the articles in Spanish. This list is by no means comprehensive. In fact I just picked the most relevant,  funny and ridiculous news stories of the week. For real news in English check out the For entertainment, stay right here. 


Town Crier


Here’s what’s been going on in this crazy town for the last 2 weeks:


The Good

Mother and daughter reunite after 73 years of separation

Family violence separated mother from daughter a few years after she was born and mom never forgot about the little girl she had to leave behind. That was in the 1940s. Now the daughter, 76, and the mother, 98, have reunited thanks to a friend of the daughter who did some investigation into the case.


Three baby tigers born at the circus in Camoapa

baby tigers in nicaragua

Wait, what?

Yes, three tigers were born in captivity in the Renato circus, a Mexican outfit that says this is the 8th generation of tigers born in their circus. Two were the regular ol orange kind and one was a striking white tiger.


120 buses in Managua now equipped with GPS

The opening sentence in the article says, “Goodbye, fast and furious.” The local buses will be able to be tracked by satellite to monitor their speed and, somehow, the number of passengers. They are also installing an emergency button that can be pressed in case of robbery or a wreck.


Red French senior citizens cycle through Nicaragua

red french cyclists

A aging foreign legion of bicycling tourists entered the country this week in their journey through Central America. The 50-strong cyclists, averaging 65 years young, will be passing through the major cities on their way south to Panama.


Government announces joint projects with Russia

Russia will be helping out Nicaragua in a big way with projects such as extending the airport and supplying planes to start up a national airline, as well as others. The projects will start with a $100 million investment with a repayment plan of 40 years.


International Monetary Fund closes doors in Nicaragua

That’s right, the IMF is out. They say they have done such a good job that there is no reason to stay. The IMF entered the country in 1995 to work to alleviate poverty and debt in the war-torn aftermath of the 80s. Now it says that with 4% growth year on end, there is no need to do what the country can do on its own. Grow!


Acahualinca footprints museum to be reconstructed

The Managua-famous museum dedicated to the discovery of 6,000 year-old footprints that was destroyed after flash flooding last year will be reconstructed bigger and better than ever. No timeline on that. Perhaps another 6,000 years?


Local NGO building revolutionary school with superadobe

The organization I work for, Seeds of Learning, is planning to build an elementary school for kids living in El Jicarito, Tipitapa. The school will be constructed using a natural earth method relatively new to the area called superadobe. We are seeking donations though to help fund the project. It is really an amazing design that incorporates learning both in and from the school. If you love the Town Crier, if you love Nicaragua and if you love kids, consider helping out with this project!


The Bad

US visa scammer gets 30 years in the clink

A guy who falsified 4 US visas for people thinking they were actually paying for real visas was sentenced to 30 years behind bars and fined C$85,080 for his deed. He was charged with human trafficking and organized crime.


Dead man found in hotel “Secrets of Love”

A man entered the autohotel “Secrets of Love” in Managua in the evening with two lovely ladies and left the next day in a body bag. Hotel staff entered to clean in the morning and found a bigger mess than they were expecting. There were no outward signs of trauma but an autopsy will be done to help determine the cause of death. While a broken heart has been ruled out, an overdose of viagra has not.


On the lam for 20 years and caught in Nicaragua

A guy accused of a multimillion dollar medicare scam back in the states was finally caught in Nicaragua. He was originally caught in Miami, released on bail with the promise to not leave the area and of course split to Mexico. The full article is in English:


Lake Nicaragua unseasonably low for this time of year

lake nicaragua at record lowsOl trusty Lake Nicaragua has been dropping her level down to near record lows due to the drought that has stricken the country in the last three years. If only there were a grand canal that could sav- oh, nevermind.


The Ugly

National morgue overflowing with cadavers

The Institute of Legal Medicine aka the national morgue says bodies are stacking up and they have no place to put them. They have the capacity to store 15 dead bodies and say that sometimes they get that many in a day. Families have three months to claim a body. Unclaimed bodies get taken care of in an unspecified way. Probably sent to the carniceria in Oriental.


Drunk guy spins into motorcycle, drops them both

Link to video:

Drunk guy causes moto to drop its two passengers in Five Pines, Chinandega. Surprisingly the guys don’t seem that upset. And of course the drunk guy didn’t even notice.


10,000 mentions of “Nicaragua” in the Panama Papers leak

The headline says it all. This comes translated on by buddy Mike’s website, El Porton Verde. Originally from but this link is to the English version:


Tumarin hydropower project: fail.

Looks like the Tumarin dam and hydro project can be added to the list of awesome mega projects that don’t get finished. The hydropower project was calculated to meet the demand of 25% of the country&#

8217;s energy needs when it was finished. But, I guess now it’s done, but not finished.


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