Town Crier Nica news 29 Nov – 5 Dec, 2015

The Town Crier is a weekly summary of Nicaraguan news stories that can be found online. My contribution is NOT journalism, as can be discerned from the conversational tone and dry humor of my English paraphrasing of the articles in Spanish. This list is by no means comprehensive. In fact I just picked the most relevant,  funny and ridiculous news stories of the week. For real news in English check out the For entertainment, stay right here. 


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Here’s what’s been going on in this crazy town for the last week:

Top Stories

Momotombo volcano erupts

(link to video)

For the first time in 110 years the volcano that overlooks Leon erupted, spitting ash a mile high and spewing lava for two days. It was quite a sight that could be seen all the way from Managua. No evacuations or other safety measures needed to be taken. The photo below was taken from the new military hospital in Managua.

Momotombo from hospital militar


Nicaragua offers alternative at COP21 in Paris

Instead of playing by the rulebook of the UN Climate Change Conference and offering its suggestions for ways it can help reduce carbon emissions, Nicaragua abstained from voluntarily presenting its plan on the premise that the big 3 carbon emitters (US, China and EU) need to recognize their responsibility for ruining the planet. They called that their alternative.



Two cops hit by drunk driver

The police officers were working in the main highway in Masaya when a drunk driver ran into them. They were seriously injured and taken to the Huembes hospital in Managua. The driver of the car was taken to the police station by other police officers.


Canadian guy killed during home robbery in Carazo

A Canadian man by the name of Rajan Gill was konked on the head during a home invasion at his rented house in Diriamba. The thieves stole all kinds of stuff including his car which was later recovered. Unfortunately, Rajan didn’t recover.


Girl, 9, hung herself playing in a hammock

A young girl somehow hung herself while playing in a hammock with her two-year-old brother. Mom found her after taking a break from making tortillas. Police aren’t quite sure how exactly it happened, and the mom wasn’t very helpful when they tried to take the body away so forensics could investigate. She apparently kicked the officer in the “partes íntimas” so he wouldn’t take her away. The police returned later with more manpower to claim the body.


Anti-narcotic operation takes down smuggling ring

$870K, 284kg of cocaine, 2 big trucks, a mobile home, a house, a rifle and six people detained is what was scooped up in Nicaragua’s latest blow to the drug trade. The operation was taking drugs from Costa Rica north to Guatemala and bringing money back down south. One of the truck drivers committed suicide shortly before getting caught running from the authorities.


Girl dies after battle with dengue and chikungunya at the same time

A six-year-old girl succumbed to the effects of having both dengue and chikungunya at the same time. According to the first lady Rosario Murillo, this was the first case of the mosquito-borne terrible twosome striking somebody at the same time.


Two prisoners disappear in jail after being processed for kidnapping

Seems that a couple of kidnappers have themselves disappeared, but this time while in jail. The kidnapping couples’ families are afraid they are being held in a secret jail and being tortured. The person they allegedly kidnapped has never reappeared, dead or alive.


8 fisherman rescued after two days at sea

The Nica navy picked up eight more survivors of a Honduranian fishing boat that capsized two days prior. They joined the six others that had already been rescued.



Human trafficking charges for guys who made fake visas to the USA

Two guys who were charging between $7k – $9.5k for fake US visas face the judge to see what their fate will be. Apparently they ran this fake visa scam for a few months claiming to have contacts at the US embassy to help facilitate the process. Quite a few people had the wool pulled over their eyes with this one, one person even got into the states with the fake visa only to be caught shortly after and spent a month in detention before being deported.


Nature Air now offers daily flights between MGA and Costa Rica

The Costa Rican airline, Nature Air, is now running daily flights on their small puddle jumpers between Managua and San Jose, Costa Rica for about $375 round trip.



Witnesses: 2 guys distracted by girls caused them to wreck their moto

A coupla young fellas ran their bike into the back of a turning car in Managua. They claim the car didn’t put on its turn signal when it stopped to pull into a driveway. Witnesses say that the young guys were distracted by the girls who were hanging out on the sidewalk next to them when they rammed the car turning in front of them. Who will the transit police believe when they hand down their verdict? Stay tuned to next weeks edition of the town crier.


Fireworks workshop explodes


what was probably an amazing sight to see, a homemade fireworks workshop went up in multicolored flames in Carazo. Thankfully the workers were at midday meeting when the explosion happened.


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