Getting around can be the easiest/most difficult, quick/long and boring, comfortable/most uncomfortable part of the journey. Let us try to at least take out the difficult planning part.

Everything hubs in Managua, so this information is for going from and to the capital city.

Managua to:

Bus schedule Managua to BluefieldsBluefields

Bus: Wendelyn Express bus leaves from Terminal Ivan Montenegro at 6am and 9pm every day. Buses go as far as El Rama and from there you have to get a panga down the Rio Escondido. Luckily, the bus stops right in front of the ticket office. You can buy your ticket for both the bus and the panga in the office at the bus station in Managua, but when you arrive in El Rama, you need to cue up again to get your name on the panga list. They only carry 20 passengers and they take off when full.

Bus takes about 5 hours to El Rama, panga takes nearly two hours.

Bus: Buses routeado leave about every two hours from terminal Mayoreo. The ride takes about 6 hours because even though they say they are expreso, they still stop anytime someone flags it down.

Plane: La Costena flights leave every day at 6:15am, 9am and 2:30pm. When they say check in two hours early, don’t not do it. You could very well lose your seat. Book in person and save $15 by not booking online!

Corn Island

Plane: The bus is in disrepair so the only way to get there directly from Managua is fly. Flights leave every day at 6:15am and 2:30pm.

Boat: The ferry leaves from Bluefields on Wednesdays at 9am. There are also cargo boats that make the trip throughout the week…check out this graphic that helps explain how to get to the Corn Islands.




Peñas Blancas

San Carlos

San Juan del Sur