What is sustainable tourism?

My answer to this questions is posted on my other website, rightsideguide.com. Here is an excerpt:

Maintaining cultures and customs and identity. That’s people. Visiting places in a low or no-impact way, both direct (you not littering) and indirect (your tour guide riding his donkey to work instead of his moto). That’s planet.Bringing in much-needed tourist dollars to underdeveloped regions so that it becomes financially viable to support the people and planet. That’s profit. And that is as complicated as I am going to get in this explanation.

The term “sustainable tourism” was coined in the early 1980′s and but sharpened its claws in central american tourism before it even had a name. The term has a complete hold the Costa Rican market and won’t be letting go anytime soon. And why should it? It’s sustainable! Nicaragua is about 1,000 years behind. Behind who? Behind the USA, behind Europe, behind it’s southern neighbor, the happiest dang country on the earth. There is a long, dark history to Nicaragua that can tell you why, but there is a light we are approaching and it’s the long, inspiring future that will show us how.

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