What is the difference between an acre vs manzana vs hectare?

Let me sum it up in one neat little chart that I just made five minutes ago.

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For those of you living in Nicaragua long enough you have certainly heard of the old Spanish measurement of “apples”. The term manzanas is an antiquated unit of measurement that dates back to old Spain. The same Spain that gave up manzanas in favor of hectares. However, everybody knows how much Central Americans (Nicaraguans in particular) love their apples.

The base measurement of the manzana

is a vara which is just about .8 of a meter. That’s .8396 to be exact, according to a presidential decree in 1902.

The big apple actually measures 112,892 manzanas, in case anyone else gets curious about those things. If you are looking for more info, check out this handy page: http://sizes.com/units/manzana.htm